Mounting, Polishing,& Repair

Modern Polish on modern steel blades flat rates.

Katana length 32"-26"  $2000

Kodachi length 25"-12" $1800

Tanto Length under 12" $1000

For Nihonto, contact me for inspection.

Blade mounting flat rates.

Katana Koshirae-$2500



Rain Pattern Habaki-$400

These represent base rates for reasonably normal mounting projects. These rates are subject to change for more unique or difficult projects. Standard Habaki is always copper. Contact me if you'd like silver, for different rate.


If you are a fan of simple, pierced old school wrought iron sword maker Tsuba like the one pictured right, contact me with ideas. Start at $500


Cracked scabbard mouths repaired with Rattan wrap, with lacquer or left rattan blonde. Gives the saya a ribbed look.$300 

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