Hira Zukuri O-Tanto

Hira Zukuri O-Tanto

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$3,000.00Sale Price

Large O-Tanto. Moss green Lacquer, with black lacquer same' and black silk Ito. 

Katabami Mon Fuchi/Kashira/Menuki combo, with hand made wrought iron tsuba, and gold colored seppa. Buffallo horn koiguchi, and kurigata, featuring iron kojiri on end of saya. 

Blade is hand forged and clay hardened, in the Japanese tradition, featuring a broad lovey gunome hamon, with a touch of choji, near the hand made copper habaki, which is finished in the falling rain pattern.

Sageo is made in Kyoto. High end Sanada Himo, in Gold.  

Blade is 12.5"  Tsuka is 5", and the entire Koshirae measures 21.5

paypal is   Yamakunikaji@yahoo.com

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