​Yama Kuni Forge

Shuriken Set

Five hand forged old school shuriken.

Many old styles of Japanese jujutsu, and Kenjutsu use these as a form of concealed weapon. Sometimes thrown, sometimes secreted in the hand to make the most effect of empty hand technique.

 $150 shipped in the US.

 28" Daito bare blade w/ O-Kissaki

Forged 1060c traditionally heat treated. 

Width at the Machi 1.25"

Width at yokote 1"

Nakago 9.25"


1060 Hira Zukuri Shoto

Nagasa 15"

Nakago 5"


1060 Shobu Zukuri Tanto

Strong diamond cross section,

Nagasa 10"

Nakago 3.75"

The habaki is nearly done for this blade. More pictures to come

Blade w/habaki-$1050

Custom Bugei Crane Katana

From the Bugei line of Paul Chen blades, I made the saya, full rattan wrap. The Tsuba I made of antique Wrought iron, based on a musashi design, with a nod towards my teachers style. I made the tsuka, and it was wrapped by Robin Ramirez. Full real doeskin. I completely reshaped the nakago to follow more classical lines.

 Nagasa 29.5"

Tsuka 13"

This blade has never been cut with.